Instructions Following Porcelain Veneers

  • Your temporary veneers will not look or feel exactly like your final restorations, which will be smoother and have a more natural appearance.
  • Temporary veneers are attached only slightly to the underlying teeth so they can be removed easily. Be careful to eat only on teeth without temporary veneers on them, if possible.
  • If a temporary veneer comes off, call us and we will replace it. If you are not able to get in to see us right away, you can place the veneer back in place with FIXODENT (denture adhesive) or Vaseline, temporarily. The tooth can be very sensitive when the temporary veneer first comes off, but it usually becomes less so over time. Occasionally, especially on bicuspid teeth, we will not be able to keep a temporary veneer on a tooth.
  • Prepared teeth may be sensitive to hot, cold, and sweets. Don't worry, the final ones will not have these sensations. Take 600 mg of Ibuprofen immediately after your treatment in our office. Then take another dose 4-6 hours later and one more before you go to bed. This should help keep you comfortable for the first day and help reduce any inflammation that might be present in the teeth.
  • Your gums will be slightly irritated for a few days. Avoid heavy brushing of the temporary veneers. Do not try to floss between them.
  • Your final porcelain veneers will be as close to the natural beauty and function of teeth as possible.

Please be aware of the following information regarding your new restorations:

  • As with natural teeth, avoid chewing excessively hard foods on the veneered teeth (hard candy, ice, nuts, etc.) because the porcelain material can break under extreme pressure.
  • Proper brushing, flossing, and regular 6-month cleanings are necessary to the long-term stability and appearance of your veneers. Small problems that develop with veneers can usually be found at an early stage and easily corrected, but postponing proper care can result in the need to replace an entire restoration.
  • The gums may eventually recede from the veneers, allowing discolored tooth structure underneath to show. This generally takes place after many years and at that time veneer replacement is necessary.


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