How Long Will It Take To Detox After Root Canal?

How Long Will It Take To Detox After Root Canal?

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After a root canal, it can take several hours for local anesthesia to wear off. If you took an oral sedative before your procedure, detoxing from the medication can take up to 8 hours.  Nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas, wears off almost as soon as the gas is turned off. No matter which type of anesthesia or sedation you have for your root canal treatment, detoxing will take 24 hours or less.

Why Root Canals Are Needed

Root canals can be thought of as a last-ditch effort to save a severely damaged tooth. Root canals are always a better option for your oral health than a tooth extraction, or losing the tooth on its own. That’s because root canals save the tooth root.

The roots of the teeth are unsung heroes when it comes to your oral health and facial appearance. In addition to anchoring the teeth to the jaw, the roots of the teeth also keep your jawbone strong and healthy. When you lose a tooth or have a tooth extracted, the root is removed as well, leading to jawbone deterioration. As the jawbone recedes, the facial appearance will change, leading to thin lips, wrinkles, and a prematurely aged, sunken appearance.

By contrast, when a severely decayed, infected, or cracked tooth receives a root canal, the root remains intact. This not only preserves the jawbone, but it also reduces the risk of gum disease, prevents adjacent teeth from drifting into the gap, reduces the risk of additional tooth loss, and ensures you have a full smile.

Root Canal Therapy in 2024

Today, root canals are faster, more effective, and more comfortable than ever thanks to advanced dental technologies, including high-resolution digital imaging, extraordinary microscopes, and advanced techniques. Most root canals do not take much longer than getting a dental filling.

The root canal process involves 5 steps.

  1. A small hole is created allowing the dentist or endodontist to access the interior of the tooth
  2. The pulp and all decay, debris, and bacteria are removed
  3. The canals of the root are cleaned, rinsed, and reshaped
  4. The tooth is filled with a biocompatible material
  5. The tooth is protected with a dental crown

The area of the mouth being treated will be completely numb for your comfort.  Once your treatment is complete, any acute pain is typically resolved. You may continue to experience tenderness or swelling for a few days. Within a week, nearly all patients are completely recovered and pain-free.

Frequently Asked Questions about Root Canals

Can I drive after a root canal?

Driving after a root canal depends on the type of sedation or anesthesia you have during your treatment. If you have local anesthetic or laughing gas, you may drive yourself home after your procedure. If you took an oral sedative you may not drive home. If you had IV sedation you may not drive yourself home.

How long will a root canal take?

Most root canals are complete within 90 minutes. Some may take as few as 45 minutes to complete.

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